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How we will work with you

We are committed to delivering a values-based and value-added approach.

Engaging Values will work in partnership with you to ensure:

  • Clarity of outcome – we will work with you at the start to identify and understand what is most important to you to achieve or change and how you will measure success
  • The right solution for you – we will agree an approach which addresses the real issues in a way which is right for you/your organisation
  • Collaborative use of people and skills – we will identify with you how Engaging Values can best add value, working with other partners if required, and utilising and developing your organisation’s internal capacity and skills
  • Aligned values – we will agree with you a style and method of working which reflects your organisation values and what matters to individuals, embracing diversity
  • Transparency of costs – we will agree with you a day rate and other costs at the start of the project, realistically reflecting your available resources
  • Open communication – we will agree with you and maintain an open channel of two-way feedback throughout the assignment
Contact us for further information about our values-centred coaching and development services.