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Engaging Values for individuals

“The Latin root of the word values is ‘valor’ meaning strength... In understanding our values we equip ourselves with a perennial source of motivation, focus and strength to achieve those things that matter most to us”
Michael Henderson, Finding True North, 2003

A values-based approach
Engaging Values provides personalised one-to-one coaching, which will enable you to engage with your unique set of individual values, skills and aspirations to create the changes you want to make with energy and confidence.

Through our values-centred personal coaching, Engaging Values can support you to:

  • Achieve specific goals or make life changes
  • Make job or career transitions, including identifying and researching options, CV writing, job search and interview skills
  • Improve and develop individual skills, such as influencing skills, time management skills and assertiveness
Engaging values also provides individual and team coaching in organisations, including executive and leadership coaching, performance coaching and career coaching.

Our approach
Engaging Values can provide coaching in a way which meets your specific requirements, time and resources. It can be face to face, by phone or using Skype, or a blend of these, including email support.

Our coaching takes a personal and holistic approach for each individual. By gaining greater insight within your own context, you will enhance your choices and increase control of your decisions, based on your values. Engaging Values will support you using a style and approach which is right for you and what you want to achieve. This can range from straightforward CV advice to using more experiential techniques such as clean language, emergent knowledge and NLP.

Coaching will always begin with an initial free consultation to agree the purpose and objectives of coaching. This will also ensure that there is a correct sense of clarity and fit between coach and coachee. We will agree with you at the start the number and costs of coaching sessions (typically initially between one and three sessions). We will agree with you a coaching ‘contract’ to confirm personal and professional boundaries to ensure confidentiality and clear responsibilities, in line with the Association for Coaching code of practice.

We have a range of questionnaires and materials you may find useful and these can be included depending on your coaching objectives and resources. Our online values profiling tool, which uses the Minessence Values Framework, will help you to understand more about your personal values and how you can harness these consciously in your decisions and choices. Other questionnaires include personal preference inventories, such as Myers Briggs (MBTI), strengths-based inventories, and profiling tools, such as OPQ, WAVE and the Hogan Development Survey.

What people say about the coaching they have received from us
“Having the time and opportunity to work through my values with you provided me with a much deeper insight into my motivations and drivers – and where to ease off and release energy in order to move forward the things I want to achieve” (Area Relationship Director)

“I was able to discuss my anxieties in a safe environment. It challenged me in a way that enabled me to find a way out of my predicaments. It made me realise I had skills and I was ‘worth it’” (Data Manager)

Contact us for further information about our values-centred coaching services.

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us, and when we bring what is within us into the world, miracles happen” Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862