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Engaging Values for organisations

“Culture describes the way human beings behave together – what they value and what they celebrate”
Roger Steare, Financial Times, 15 July 2012

  • What and whose values drive the behaviour of people in your organisation?
  • Are the values in your business helping or hindering what you are trying to achieve?
  • How do you enable all your people to be value-able in order to contribute their best?
  • What is the reputation of your organisation and leaders?
A values-based approach:
Engaging Values provides values-centred consultancy, facilitation, training and coaching. This will enable you to build trust and confidence and create shared success by connecting with what is most important to your organisation, your employees and other stakeholders.

Through our values-centred coaching and development services Engaging Values can help you to:

  • Understand, assess and develop the behaviours you need to support your vision, strategy and objectives
  • Develop authentic leaders who are self-aware, understand their impact and build trust and confidence
  • Develop managers who want and know how to get the best from people
  • Engage the ideas, creativity and energy of your staff and those to whom you provide a service, to improve standards, increase output or reduce costs
  • Keep and develop the talent that is essential to your business by valuing and using what drives each individual to be successful
  • Create and sustain collaborative teams and networks which embrace change and find solutions to doing things differently

What people say about working with us
“Juliet has used her expertise to support the organisation and its people through a period of major change. She is respected and valued by all those she works with. Her commitment and integrity in what she does is absolute”
(Head of People and Property)

"I have worked with Juliet on a series of major change projects, where her OD experience, people skills, personal commitment and enthusiasm were significant factors in ensuring the projects succeeded. She is comfortable working at all levels in an organisation and also developing staff on both a one-to-one and team basis”
(IT Solutions Consultant)

“I really, really valued the one-to-one time following the 360 degree feedback. I thought you offered reflective and useful support and made a huge difference to my ability to cope with the responsibilities of team management. The feedback was great on a personal level (much tailored) but also well-grounded in the culture, values and aspirations of the organisation, so good from the perspective of the organisation.”
(Head of Regulatory Framework)

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“Leaders get the culture they behave”
David Jarrett, Bath Consultancy Group 2012