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What we do

Engaging Values will work collaboratively with you to deliver values-centred coaching and development. Our development solutions will usually have a range of different elements to support sustainable change, working systemically within the context and culture of your organisation. Elements may include:


  • To articulate/review organisation values and behaviours
  • To embed values into your corporate and individual performance frameworks and selection criteria
  • To assess staff perceptions of the organisation/its leaders
  • To identify skills gaps and solutions
  • To enhance leadership and board effectiveness
  • To develop teams and improve cross-team working
  • To review strategy or direction and plan change
  • To engage staff to develop new approaches and ways of working
  • To develop enhanced leadership skills
  • To enable managers to engage and develop their staff
  • To give people the tools to make the most of change
  • To support mentors and internal coaches to share knowledge and develop others
  • To create self-insight (including 360, values, styles)
  • To develop more effective managers, leaders and board members
  • To enhance performance or develop new skills
  • To support career or personal change
Contact us for further information about our values-centred coaching and development services.

“Leadership is no longer just about the boardroom: managers at all levels need leadership skills – the power to win people’s hearts and minds and build relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

HR must ensure that leadership development frameworks are aligned with organisations’ core purpose and values and understand how to deploy a range of on-going learning interventions that actually lead to sustained behaviour change”
Peter Cheese, CEO CIPD (launching CIPD Research Report, Perspectives on Leadership, August 2012)